White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

I baked these cookies on a freezing autumn afternoon, whilst watching my first Christmas film of the season! They’re super easy and of course delicious.

Bake these up and enjoy them warm, yummy.


Recipe (makes 12 decent sized cookies)

125g salted butter

100g light brown sugar

125g caster sugar

1 egg

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

225g self raising flour

100g white chocolate chunks

100g dark chocolate chunks

Heat your oven to 1800c and very lightly grease two baking trays with butter by using a piece of kitchen roll.

In a stand mixer (or by hand if you want a work out) cream the butter, light brown sugar and caster sugar together until well combined and whipped up. Beat in the egg and the vanilla, then sift in the flour. Mix well then add in the chocolate chips, then stir until scattered throughout the dough.

Pop the cookie dough onto a large piece of cling film and shape into a log, wrapping it well. Pop in the fridge for 3o minutes or in the freezer f0r 10 mintues. Remove the cling film and then slice the dough into 12 rounds and pop onto the baking trays, leaving space between them as they will spread.

Cook for 10 minutes until slightly golden on the edges. They will be very soft, but when they cool they will harden up and become chewy.

Serve warm, or store in a container to keep fresh for a few days.

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