About Boo’s Little Kitchen

Hi. My name’s Jessica.

This is a blog about what I love best; food and cooking.

I want to share with you what I cook everyday, hopefully giving you a little inspiration to try something new or to provide you with some tips on how to cook delicious food at home. For those quick mid-week meals, Saturday night feasts or food for those Sundays with the family, I cook for it all and have tasty recipes for every occasion.

Me Boos Little Kitchen.jpgI’m at that age…

I’m at an age where I don’t go out 3 times a week dancing until the early hours anymore and I’m basically a self-confessed cat parent. I work hard all week and I definitely look forward to having a night in with my husband, family or friends, watching a great movie or listening to some music, having a few drinks and cooking and eating some delicious food.


My food philosophy…

I believe food is all about finding a balance. To not deprive yourself of delicious food and to enjoy everything you eat. Be it an amazing salad, a tasty fat sandwich or a big slice of cake, enjoy everything you eat because food is awesome.


The term ‘clean eating’ is ridiculous. Where is the balance in that? Don’t say no to bread and pasta, but enjoy them alongside your green tea and vegetables – they’re all delicious!

To me, eating a well balanced, home-cooked diet is a great way to stay healthy as you know exactly what you have put into your food.

There is nothing nicer then spending your free time cooking. Yes, I have been told I’m nuts for actually enjoying spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. But if you get out of the habit of thinking cooking is a chore and actually start to enjoy cooking a new recipe rather than opening a jar or have fun trying to re-create your favourite Indian takeaway rather than picking up the phone, then not only will you be healthier but your purse will be too!

All I want to do is cook tasty, tasty (TASTY!) food and share this with you, so you can cook for the people you love too.