About Boo’s Little Kitchen


Hi. My name’s Jessica. This is a blog about what I love best; food and cooking.

This is a blog about what I cook everyday, from quick mid-week meals, Saturday night fake-out feasts or food for those lazy Sundays with the family, this blog will hopefully give you a little inspo to try something new and to cook delicious food in your home.

About me…

I’m a 30 something from York living on the lovely Isle of Man with my husband and my 2 beautiful little girls Margot and Matilda. Oh, we also have a cat called Boo.

My food philosophy…

I believe food is all about finding a balance. A balance of healthy eats and indulgent feats. You should enjoy everything you eat, be it a salad, a curry or even a big ol’ sandwich! Because food is awesome and makes everyone happy.

Enjoy food and enjoy life…

There is nothing nicer then spending your free time cooking. Yes, I have been told I’m nuts for actually enjoying spending hours in the kitchen preparing a meal and as a way to relax, but if you get out of the habit of thinking cooking as a chore and actually start to enjoy cooking a recipe or even just your family’s favourite like spag bol (yep, that’s my family’s fave!) you will fall in love with food and cooking again!

All I want to do is share with you the tasty food I cook for my family and friends, so you can cook for the people you love too.

Jess x