Steak with chimichurri sauce

Steak with chimichurri sauce – Friday night dinner inspo and in 15 minutes, yes!

Steak is such a treat, I don’t really eat that much red meat but when I do, hells yeah 🔥 so when better to have one then to celebrate THE WEEKEND being here!

This really, really doesnt take long to cook and is great simple food that tastes amazing so basically, the perfect friday night food

I also love this tasty, fiery green herb sauce, such a nice change from the sickly sometimes icky traditional ‘steak’ sauces you get. Trust me, it’s amazing and so fresh!


2 steaks (I used sirloin)

a little veg oil for rubbing the steaks

salt and pepper

knob of butter to baste the steak

For the chimichurri sauce

1 pack of parsley

1 pack of coriander

1 clove garlic

1 green chilli

1 small shallot

3 tbsp good olive oil

3 tbsp red wine vinegar

salt and pepper

How to…

Get two steaks (pictured is sirloin) and bring to room temp before you cook. Massage with oil, season with salt and pepper and cook to your liking. I can basically only give you these instructions as A. I don’t know how thick your steaks are and B. Timings are so none existing with steak, 1 week it could 3 mins a side, the next this could mean it’s way under. So please, cook to how you like it (pink for me!)

My basic rules are:

  • a nice hot pan
  • season well
  • baste baste baste with butter
  • make sure you leave it to rest plenty!!

For your sauce blend 1 pack of parsley, 1 pack of coriander, 1 clove garlic, 1 green chilli, 1 small shallot, 3 tbsp good olive oil and 3 tbsp red wine vinegar with some salt and pepper until all chopped up, not completely smooth, just nice and fine. You might need to add a drop of water or so to get it moving.

Serve over your hot steak along with whatever sides you like. I did roasted vine tomatoes and a garlic mushroom, yum yum! IMG_20191019_213701_013.jpg

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