Roasted butternut squash, courgette and spinach frittata with mascarpone and parmesan

Another easy, quick and super delicious dish you can create on a busy weekday for dinner, or to prep on a Sunday for your lunches in the week!

Frittatas are amazing to knock up quickly, using up vegetables you have lying in the fridge – most things can work!

Roasting a butternut squash does add more time to this, but is so worth the effort! Swap with a sweet potato if you’d prefer, but a little sweet vegetable does make this really tasty.



6 large organic eggs

1 butternut squash

2 courgettes

1 bag of spinach

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 tub of mascarpone

2 tbsp grated parmesan

2 tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper

Fresh chopped chives

Peel and cut your butternut squash into chunks and drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Roast in a hot oven at 200c for 30 minutes until tender.

Next, slice your courgettes into 2-inch lengths and fry in a little olive oil until brown and softened. Put aside into a large bowl.

In the same pan, fry the onion and the crushed garlic until soft – do this gently over a medium heat as to not burn. Once cooked, remove and place into the bowl with the courgettes. Next, tip the spinach into the pan and let the heat wilt it. Remove from the heat and drain in a colander, squeezing out any excess moisture and then add to the bowl with the rest of the ingredients.

Once the butternut is cooked, add this to bowl.

In a jug, whisk the eggs until well beaten and add some salt and pepper. Mix the eggs with the veggies and then pour this into an oven proof baking dish. Dollop spoonfuls of the mascarpone all over, sprinkle with parmesan and the chopped chives.

Bake for 45 minutes until set (give it a little wobble to check!)

Leave it for 20 minutes before you serve – it’s better warm, not hot. It’s also gorgeous cold!

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